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"Let's Roll" 

- Todd Beamer of Flight 93

"There Can Be No Substitute for Victory"

  - General Douglas MacArthur


Albemarle Amateur Radio Club Member 146.760 MHz Charlottesville, Virginia

XWARN Club Member 147.165 MHz Xenia, Ohio


First Licensed in 1968 as WN8CEH. Presently operating on HF, VHF and UHF using ICOM IC-746 on HF, ICOM 2100H on 2 meters and  ICOM W32 & T7H portable on 2 meter and 440 MHz. I obtained my Amateur Extra Class license on 11 December 1999, just before the end of the 20th century. Something I had been meaning to do for 31 years!

Graduated with a BSEE (1992) and MSE (2003) from Wright State University  and currently work as an Engineer in the wireless industry. Also have worked in Land mobile, Defense and Telecommunication industries as an RF and Digital Switching Engineer / Technician since 1972. 


Station Equipment

My station consists of ICOM IC-756 PRO III or IC-746 connected to a Comet H-422 rotatable dipole for 40 through 10 meters. Presently, my antenna is about 3 meters (15 feet) above the ground antenna mast located on my shack. 

I am on 2 meter FM, CW, SSB and Packet with a 5/8 wave vertical antenna. around 144.200 MHz SSB and CW during band openings. Also look for me on the 52.525 MHz simplex  or Albemarle Amateur Radio Club repeater (146.76 MHz) . 

My digital equipment is a MFJ-1270C TNC-2 and Kantronics KAM-98 for Packet, RTTY, FAX and SSTV and RIG BLASTER PSK-31 interface. Look for me around 14.0830 MHz using 45 Baud (60 WPM for all you old timers) Baudot RTTY or 14.071 MHz on PSK31. 


For SSB/AM/FM operations a Heil HC-5 headset is used, while CW  is sent with either a J-38 straight key, Vibroplex Lighting Bug (which I bought for $10.00 back in 1969), Vibroplex Vibrokeyer or Original Bug. I have been using the ICOM-746's built-in keyer mostly.




My mobiles are  ICOM 706 MKIIG HF (truck) and ICOM 2700H 2 / 3/4 Meter (van) transceivers utilizing Valor or High Gain HF  and Larsen VHF/UHF antennas. You might catch me on 7.258 MHz while on a road-trip to somewhere on the East Coast.




My Station Page

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